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Standard support +
personalized hands-on
API modeling workshop 1

Startup, Educational or Nonprofit

User License 2

(see below)

$25 / month

$22 / month
($264 billed annually)

$38 / month
($264 annual + $192)

Small-Medium Business

User License 3

(<1,000 Employees)

$35 / month

$31 / month
($372 billed annually)

$54 / month
($372 annual + $276)

Enterprise User License

$88 / month

$79 / month
($948 billed annually)

$111 / month
($948 annual + $384)

Solution Provider

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Prices shown are in US dollars for customers in the United States.  Localized prices may vary for customers in other countries.
Prices are per-user.  Each user may activate the subscription license on up to three machines.

Offer limited to one hands-on API modeling workshop per customer.

Startup User License is available to individuals and business entities having fewer than ten full-time employees (including employees of affiliates), or formed no earlier than three years prior to offer redemption date. 
Educational User License is available to full-time students, educators, and staff at an accredited education institution for educational purposes only.
Nonprofit User License is available to nonprofit or non-governmental organizations with recognized charitable status in their respective country (equivalent to 501(c)(3) status under the United States Internal Revenue Code). Educational and Nonprofit Licenses may not be used for commercial, professional, or for-profit purpose.

SMB User License is available to business entities having fewer than 1,000 full-time employees total, including employees of affiliates.

RepreZen API Studio - Free Trial!

Installing RepreZen API Studio is easy!  Here's how it works:

number_circle_1   Submit the trial registration form.
number_circle_2   Check your inbox for download instructions.
number_circle_3   Download and run the automated installer.


System Requirements


RepreZen API Studio runs on the following operating systems:

  • Windows 64-bit version 7 or higher
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
  • Linux 64-bit x86 architecture  BETA 
RepreZen API Studio requires 64-bit Java 8 or higher.