Upcoming Events: Open Source Summit, APIStrat & Platform Summit

Ted Epstein
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Ted Epstein on Aug 23, 2018 04:45 PM

I'm excited to be speaking at several upcoming events, each with an impressive lineup of workshops, talks, and outstanding opportunities to learn and network with API thought leaders.

OpenAPI Workshop at Open Source Summit


I'll be co-presenting a half-day, pre-conference OpenAPI Workshop at the Open Source Summit North America in Vancouver on Tuesday, August 28th, 1:00-5:00 PM. Ron Ratovsky, Swagger Developer Evangelist at SmartBear, will be presenting with me. 

This hands-on workshop is a great opportunity to learn the industry-standard OpenAPI Specification Language. We'll cover essential features, as well as the new, powerful API modeling features in OpenAPI 3.0.

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API Strategy & Practice Conference


I'll be presenting a new talk at APIStrat in Nashville on Tuesday, September 25.

Rethinking REST with Event-Rich Domain Modeling explores opportunities to construct a much more complete domain model that includes detailed data structures and detailed change lifecycles, aligning REST with modern, event-driven microservices architectures.

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Nordic APIs Platform Summit


I'll be presenting an updated Rethinking REST with Event-Rich Domain Modeling at the 2018 Platform Summit in Stockholm, Sweden on October 23.

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Thanks to KCDC!


A belated thank you to Boon Lee, Jeff Strauss, and the whole crew at the Kansas City Developer Conference! I gave a talk on OpenAPI v.Next in July. Terrific event, probably the largest gathering of developers in the Midwest I've seen. Slides here.

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