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Miles Daffin
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Miles Daffin on May 19, 2016 04:59 PM

When I started out in this business back in 1999, my first job was with a small and thriving consultancy in Rotterdam, Holland called 'Holland Object Technology' or 'HOT Objects' for short (may it RIP). One of the first conversations I recall having at this wonderful, creative little company was with my boss - a 6'6" former Dutch army sargeant with an incredible intellect and vast experience. "What's great about this business," he said, "is that you can have an idea for a steam engine in the morning - and watch it running on the lawn in the afternoon!"

He had captured the essence of what I really enjoyed about software engineering: the rapidity with which one could be creative, the almost magical speed (when compared with classical professions like 'real' engineering) with which one could conjure things of mere thought-stuff that actually did something useful (unlike the many dead essays I had written as English undergraduate). 


Over the years, despite enduring some less than magical projects on which I learned the true meaning "1% inspiration - 99% perspiration," the thrill of making stuff has never left me. For the most part I have been one of the perspiring programmers, but as Product Manager at RepreZen I find myself in a position that reminds me very much of the story of Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp. When the lamp is rubbed, a Genie emerges to offer the holder - its new master - three wishes. All Aladdin had to do was think carefully and name the wish. The Genie would handle the rest.

Now, instead of a Genie, I have at my disposal one of the most capable and creative techical teams I have ever worked with, headed up by two people I have learned to hold in high regard: Tanya Fesenko (CTO, with "a brain the size of a planet") and Andy Lowry (Chief Integration Engineer - think Mr. Scott from Star Trek - the man who can fix anything).

When we sat down to consider what should go into our 1.3 release we came up with a list of three main things, and I am very happy to announce that RepreZen API Studio 1.3 is now ready for public consumption and all three things (plus a whole lot more) have been included.

1. "The best Swagger-OpenAPI editor on Planet Earth"

We’re excited to announce that SwagEdit, RepreZen’s full-featured OpenAPI Editor for Eclipse, is now available as an open source project on GitHub and freely available to all Swagger and Eclipse users. SwagEdit, the native OpenAPI editor in RepreZen API Studio, has code assist, customizable code templates, real-time validation and outline view. In the 1.3 release of API Studio we’ve added more flexible custom code templates, and improved validation, and although I can't say for sure that it is "the best Swagger-OpenAPI editor on planet Earth" - it's looking pretty likely :)


2. Superlative live Diagram and Documention views

The live views were good before but the Diagram rendering could be a bit slow. The Genie's have completely rewritten this part and rendering is now much faster, and more refined: 


And the Documentation view now has full, github flavored markdown support, and an improved properties table format:


3. The best code gen framework known to humantity!

Alright, maybe I'm getting a bit too excited now, but if you thought code gen in the previous release was good - wait until you see this. We’ve updated to Swagger-CodeGen 2.1.6, with new generators for Haskell Servant and ASP.NET 5 server stubs, along with numerous fixes and enhancements.

And we’ve added a new documentation site that shows how you can take code gen to the next level:

  • Import additional swagger-codegen modules — your own, or others from the Swagger open source community
  • Use RepreZen’s native code gen framework to build a custom generator in minutes, or build advanced multi-stage code gen solutions. 

Try it!

Check out the free trial of RepreZen API Studio 1.3. I think you’ll be amazed at what you can do.

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