RepreZen API Studio 1.5 Connects your API Design Process, Team & Dev Environment

Miles Daffin
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Miles Daffin on Mar 01, 2017 06:28 PM

APIs are the neural connections of the digital economy, allowing systems to connect, collaborate, and converse with meaningful data. But these connections don't start with fully working APIs; they start with API design.

And API design is human. People work together across boundaries to create a specialized micro-language for domain-specific interaction; to implement that language as an API, verify that it works, and make it as easy as possible for client developers to understand the API and put it to good use.

RepreZen helps connect your API designs, your team, and your development environment, so you can connect your systems. With the new 1.5 release, RepreZen API Studio takes this to a new level: better code gen, synchronized documentation, Eclipse IDE integration, and obsessively thorough multi-file support.

Multi-File to the Core

Is your Swagger spec too big to navigate and maintain easily? Have you wished you could split your Swagger spec into manageable parts, share schemas or other elements across API specs, and maybe even centralize these in a shared repository?

API Studio 1.5 incorporates cross-file references into every part of the API design process: content assist, hyperlink and outline navigation, documentation, and even code generation. Some recent improvements:

  • The code generation toolbar drop-down menu now lets you run any GenTarget or group from a component file in a multi-file project. So you don't have to select your top-level Swagger spec to generate code. Just select what you want from the toolbar menu, and that becomes the default for one-click codegen.
  • Swagger Normalizer combines multi-file projects into a single Swagger spec to simplify downstream codegen and documentation UI. In the 1.5 release, Swagger Normalizer generates both JSON and YAML formats, and lets you control element ordering.
  • Watch the new video walkthrough of multi-file Swagger features in API Studio. You'll find it in the dashboard, on our YouTube channel, or right here:

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New Scroll Sync and Go-To-Definition in Live Documentation View

You'll see some welcome improvements in the new API Documentation View:


The documentation view automatically synchronizes to the editor by scrolling to the selected element. You can toggle this feature on and off, using the Link with Editor button in the upper-right of the Documentation View.


The new Go-To-Definition buttons select the path item or method in the editor, allowing easy navigation from the Documentation View to the editor. And of course it's multi-file aware, so it navigates through $ref properties to the referenced element.

Thanks to Meinrad Hermanek at Finnova for the suggestions! Here's a quick demo:

RepreZen API Documentation View.gif

NSwag .NET Web API and TypeScript Code Generators

RepreZen API Studio now has 70+ code generators and counting.

The 1.5 release includes the popular NSwag generators for .NET, Web API and TypeScript. NSwag GenTemplates run on Windows, and require a simple configuration in preferences:

NSwag Preferences.png

RepreZen API Studio on Eclipse Marketplace

eclipse_foundationmember_HR.jpgRepreZen is proud to join the Eclipse Foundation as a Solution Member. And we're now offering RepreZen API Studio on the Eclipse Marketplace.

Now, Eclipse developers can install API Studio directly into the IDE, for seamless API design and development.

You can install API Studio in either of these two ways:

Whether you choose our Eclipse distro or your own, you're getting a fully functional IDE, optimized for API design, documentation & development.

And More...

  • New installer improves the UX and correctly handles JRE requirements on all platforms.
  • Mac-native application layout allows launching API Studio directly from the Applications folder.
  • The code generation menu on the toolbar now allows you to create a new GenTarget.
  • New code generation and multi-file videos are included in Dashboard.

Full release notes here. Happy modeling! :-)

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System Requirements


RepreZen API Studio runs on the following operating systems:

  • 64-bit Windows 7, 8.0 and 8.1
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
RepreZen API Studio requires 64-bit Java 8 or higher.