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Installing RepreZen API Studio is easy!  Here's how it works:

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System Requirements


RepreZen API Studio runs on the following operating systems:

  • Windows 64-bit version 7 or higher
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
  • Linux 64-bit x86 architecture  BETA 

RepreZen API Studio requires JDK 1.7 or higher.

Nice island. Where's the bridge?

Stranded with an outdated or incomplete integration layer?

Client application developers slow to adopt, or struggling to integrate?

Difficulty modeling your world as microservices?

It's The API, Stupid!

OK, that's only partially true:

Work Together

It's not any one API, it's getting the APIs to work together.

Developers use your APIs in combination, not in isolation. So it's essential that all your APIs speak the same language. That's why RepreZen API Studio is designed to make shared data models easy to use, and easy to adapt to your APIs.

Build Together

It's not only the APIs themselves, it's how we build them.

RepreZen API Studio brings breakthrough productivity to your whole team with integrated version control, API visualization, documentation, testing and code generation that works in your environment.

Not Stupid

You're not alone.

Everyone working with APIs in complex environments has these frustations. We did too, and that's why we built RepreZen API studio to bring Zen harmony to your API design process from start to finish.

  • JordanTestimonialSlide.png

    "I really dig the ability to graph out all of the resources and URIs, test the API from a built-in mock service, and generate documentation for the entire API solution."


    Managing Developer, Lucid

  • "RepreZen API Studio empowers software teams to define their API contracts, specifying the standard models, methods and patterns that make their APIs work together."


    Managing Developer, Lucid

  • "API Studio is ideal for large teams of developers, where the integration strategy needs to be orchestrated and communicated independent of implementation details."


    Managing Developer, Lucid

The First Fully Integrated API Design Workbench

Data Model Consistency
Across APIs

API Studio's unique data model realization lets you adapt shared definitions to each API, so all of your APIs speak the same language and work together seamlessly. To external applications, your APIs work like pluggable components that click together effortlessly. For internal systems, your data-unified APIs can lower integration cost dramatically.

Dynamic API Diagram Visualization

RepreZen's diagram view shows the essential data structures, functions and navigation paths through your API in an intuitive, visual form. The diagram provides immediate insight into your API design, even for non-technical team members. It also maximizes successful adoption by giving client developers a great new way to explore your API, and accelerate their learning curve.

Code Generation:
Simple, Powerful, Extensible

RepreZen API Studio brings incredible power and productivity to custom code generation. When you need to go beyond our built-in support for popular API description formats, message schemas and code libraries, the integrated GenTemplate framework lets your create even the most advanced code gen solutions with confidence.

API Design That Works
with Your API Management

RepreZen's solution focuses specifically on the API design process in large organizations and complex ecosystems. API management platforms address various aspects of the downstream lifecycle: packaging, provisioning, metering, proxy, and client portal. API Studio easily ties into API management platforms using generated API description formats including WADL, Swagger, RAML and others.

Next-Generation API Modeling
with a First-Class Editing Experience

RepreZen API Studio features RAPID-ML, the next-generation API description language, and provides the richest IDE available for any API language. With code assist, templates, refactoring and more, you get immediate insights and instant navigation  to maximize your productivity. And with integrated version control, now you can manage data models and API contracts in the same repository with the rest of your source code, right from the IDE.

  • "RepreZen API Studio is the tool we need to design and document our REST APIs. The modeling environment is very intuitive, so we can focus on the architecture and functionality of our API resource model."


    Enterprise Architect


An Interactive API Visualization

See how API Studio turns your API description into a dynamic visualization, making it easier than ever to comprehend, communicate and analyze your API design.


Getting Started With Canonical Data Modeling


The Backbone of Your
Integration Strategy

A canonical data model describes a shared understanding of your business domain.

Done right, this model can be a workhorse for your team, facilitating communication, guiding schema design and data transformations.

You don't need endless meetings or expensive tools to get real value from a shared data model.

This hands-on guide will start you down the right path, today.

Expert Tips and
Process Guidance

  • A lightweight method for building and evolving a canonical data model.
  • What tools to use, what kinds of details to capture, and what to leave out.
  • Getting commitment and maximizing value from key participants.
  • Organizing a collaborative workspace and change management workflow.
  • Applying the canonical data model in practice.

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